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Kento masuda

Maestro to the Vatican

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Hailed as “one of the world’s artistic treasures,” Maestro Composer and Pianist Kento Masuda has captivated hundreds of thousands of audiences throughout every part of the world with his genre breaking musicality. Masuda, the Vatican’s Maestro Composer, travels frequently performing for the highest of aristocratic orders, Royal Highnesses and United Nations ambassadors, all while garnering numerous honours and recognitions for his, “Music, Performance, and Preservations of Culture.” (World Peace & Tolerance Summit)  


Born and raised in Japan, Masuda’s adolescence brimmed with annual awards at competitions such as the Yamaha Junior Original Concert competition. From a young age he loved creating music more than playing standard pieces, and by the age of 18 Masuda released his first album, “Wheel of Fortune.” 


Lauded for composing, “Highly Imaginative music that happily defies categorization”(Charles Eller), Masuda has worked with and captured the fascination of dozens of celebrities and musical talents. From Steve Vai, New York Times best-selling author Ruta Sepetys, world famous fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and even more left unnamed, Masuda’s accolades expand throughout all spheres of life. 


Now a member of the Recording Academy (The Grammy’s) with 10 albums under his belt and a mastery in record and film production, Masuda’s recently attained goal was becoming Kawai Pianos’ Leading Pianist. With the title comes the privilege of playing the Crystal Grand Piano around the world. Not a small feat, the production for this rare piano is limited to five pieces and amass $1 million a piece. His future goals include releasing his 11th album and continue touring his music and diplomacy around the world.


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