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Dr. David Steenblock, D.O.'s YOUNGERING™ Treatments Use Break-Through Stem Cell Medicine to Promote

Personalized Regenerative Medicine, the practice of Dr. David Steenblock, D.O. in San Clemente, California treats patients with with stem cells and proprietary systems that promote youth factors and overall Youngering TM

San Clemente, CA – Dr. David Steenblock, D.O.’s renowned practice Personalized Regenerative Medicine, utilizing 40 years of experience in the stem cell and regenerative medicine field, will now bring specialized overall youth-enhancing precision to the Southern California area with his YOUNGERING treatments

“A little known fact is that there are animals and plants that do not grow old,” says Dr. David Steenblock. “They do not grow old because they continue to GROW, and uniquely maintain their youthful levels of growth factors over time.” In a study conducted by Dr. Steenblock, a new born baby’s blood was tested for 32 different growth factors and the average value was found to be 10,000 mc/dl while blood from a 90 year old was measured and found to contain on the average only 100 mc/dl. “With so few growth factors it is no wonder that people fall apart as they age!”

Dr. Steenblock, whose formal training has spanned a lifetime, began focusing on stem cells from 1968 where he began working on bone marrow procedures. His tenured career has bridged from his work at the University of Washington where the pioneering work on the use of bone marrow stem cells was accomplished, to the University of Miami, the Mayo Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Oregon whereafter he took charge of a 32 bed hospital in rural Washington. In 1978 he began practicing integrative and complementary medicine in Lake Forest, California treating patients who could not be helped by standard medical care.

In 1991, Dr. Steenblock added Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) to his practice and in his most famous case was able to restore a semi-comatose stroke victim back to normal within 24 hours by a combination of hyperbaric oxygen and IV anti-oxidants given every four hours. For the next 10 years he and his team treated over 2000 chronic stroke victims successfully with daily hyperbaric oxygen treatments, winning him the nickname, “The Stroke Doctor.”

Dr. Steenblock soon found that implementing stem cells could successfully continue the healing process for patients in a variety of conditions, and by 2004 he published the first clinical trial using umbilical cord stem cells to successfully treat Cerebral Palsy. In 2006 Dr. Steenblock became a pioneer in the United States in integrative stem cell medicine when he began to treat people with their own bone marrow by extracting it from their bones and re-infusing the marrow into their veins. To this date Dr. Steenblock has treated over 8000 patients with stem cells to successful conclusions.

“It is not widely known that a person’s smallest blood vessels slowly wither away with aging as a result of the lack of growth factors and lack of exercise,” Dr. Steenblock explains. “This lack of capillaries causes hypoxia (lack of oxygen) of the tissues and this causes the formation of ‘biological smoke’ – a result of inadequate oxygenation of the mitochondria which results in the mitochondria not being able to burn the food a person eats entirely. The toxins left behind, build like cinders falling on a leaf pile. By restoring youthful levels of growth factors your capillary density improves and this causes an increase in your ability to burn fuel efficiently and a decrease in the production of toxic free radicals, biological smoke and reactive oxygen species.”

Throughout Dr. Steenblock’s long and decorated career, including a lifetime achievement award “To the betterment of mankind and the advancement of integrative medicine” from the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM), he has found that the basic unifying result of using stem cells is the overall youth factors which begin internally to eventually shine externally, prompting him to coin the term Youngering™ for a set of proprietary treatments he offers to those looking to heal, regrow, and rebuild from the inside out. Stem Cells are the core treatment offered at Personalized Regenerative Medicine and contrary to others, Dr. Steenblock’s 14,800 sq.ft. of clinic, lab and library offer state of the art healing modalities that are all designed to promote the effectiveness of his prescribed stem cell treatments.

“What we have here is a number of treatments that are designed to help enhance the activity, functionality, growth and the effectiveness of stem cells. We have a lot of equipment here: things like external counter pulsation, a device which helps push the blood to your heart, your brain and other organs to improve circulation. The older we get, the small capillaries are diminished and are not oxygenating as well. The use of Hyperbaric oxygen helps to improve the oxygen flow and release stem cells from bone marrow. We also have lasers that help stimulate the stem cells to become more active and proliferate more rapidly. We have a whole variety of other tools to help enhance the effectiveness of stem cells including a special room that we invented to help you re-acquire this more perfect metabolism. To be effective the room has to be visited for three weeks on a one-hour-daily basis. The combination of stem cell therapy and the proprietary equipment in this room (using high altitude training, functional electrical stimulation, magnetic wave stimulation and near infra-red stem cell stimulating lights) are the essence of our YOUNGERING™ treatments, but if you have medical problems such as chronic inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems etc. then other treatments are additionally employed to SUPERCHARGE YOUR STEM CELLS

Dr. Steenblock has also hand-formulated a nutraceutical called Stemgevity™ which is a blend of herbs and plant-derived compounds that through the course of his career, Dr. Steenblock has discovered can stimulate the body to increase the number, activity, and release of stem cells into the bloodstream. This supplement is available both on his website ( and at his clinic.

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