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Kento Masuda: The Mozart of the New Age

Kento Masuda is one of the rarest personalities in the world of high art. An extraordinary Japanese piano virtuoso and record producer, his erudite solo piano compositions and touching performances bring soul to life and transcend listeners on a spiritual and emotional level. His unparalleled body of work brings delight to the most prestigious and distinguished guests all over the world. He is a member of the National Association of Recording Industry Professionals (NARIP) and the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Recording Academy), which presents the annual Grammy Awards, as well as an exclusive player of KAWAI’s one-million-dollar Crystal Grand Piano.

Heralded as one of the world’s treasures in art, Masuda established his incomparable career as a child prodigy in Katori, Chiba, Japan. Rather than playing standard repertoires, as most prodigies do, Kento started writing his own original music. By the age of 10, he was already winning multiple competitions, including the Yamaha’s Junior Original Competition. He became one of the youngest individuals to conduct public performances in ceremony halls in New York at merely 17, leading him to collaborate with high profile producers, like Phil Rubin and Lee Shapiro.

His first studio album, “Wheel of Fortune,” was released in 1992 receiving unanimous praise. Kento’s music progressed and elevated fans globally with each of the nine albums released since then. His style has been described as a mix of classical and modern electro sounds. Behind every track, there is a profound message that touches upon the different themes of life, with each note creating an outpouring of emotions.

Masuda’s last album, “Loved One,” was released in 2014 and recorded at the renowned Studio Center Miami, known for producing 8 Grammy Award-winning recordings and platinum albums of artists such as Shakira, Madonna, J Balvin, Ricky Martin, and many more. It received universal critical acclaim, commending him for his versatility and his tremendous ability to combine new age sounds accompanied by unique orchestrations. He is currently collaborating with award-winning producer, Gary Vandy, on a new album to be released soon.

His artistic career is guided by a passion for humanity and philanthropy. “I wish to do good for all the people of the earth and bring peace to those in need through music,” he says. His music has been featured in MTV, NME Magazine, and BBC Music. Last year, Kento Masuda performed at the grandiose facade of St. Regis Rome Grand Hotel, in which he performed for a list of highly distinguished guests, including heads of states and business executives. This specific concerto, which was performed on Masuda’s KAWAI signature model piano, shipped by sea, took around 6 months to prepare.

Masuda is of regal quality but in the gentlest way. By observing him either in person or through his online video performances, one can only derive a sense of serenity and grace. Even though he is a public figure whose work has been appreciated through countless accolades and honorary titles, he maintains a private life. “I have prioritized staying on my own instead of creating my persona or some character as an artist. Because I realized that I was a mentor to the hearts of many people. Many of them read me quietly without clicking the Like button, and I feel comfortable that everybody knows who I really am.”

Despite his outstanding success, Masuda remains humble and modest. “I am the type of person that reads the newspaper and drinks coffee every morning, even if one day I become known all over the world,” Kento says. Nevertheless, his music continues to engage his large fanbase from around the globe, leaving listeners with the feeling that his popularity will soon be unparalleled in the classical music realm and far beyond.

Kento Masuda’s music can be heard on Youtube, Spotify, Apple, and Tidal.

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