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Dab herb makeup

Vegan. Organic. Zero Waste.

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The skin is the body’s largest organ serving as a protective shield against heat, light, injury, and germs, and must be protected from day one. For Crissy Beredo and Faye Joanino of DAB Herb Makeup & Skincare, the desire to create a healing, earth harmonized makeup free of chemical irritants that would not only benefit but rejuvenate the skin has been their life mission. Now, driven by being one of the only food-grade, organic cosmetic companies, DAB Herb Makeup & Skincare has amassed tens of thousands of fans that covet their line of sustainably sourced makeup. 

While their over 6000 five-star reviews on alone keep them busy filling orders and watching their company expand, soon to retailers in both Los Angeles and Manhattan, they were able to make time to talk to us about their brand and the hottest trends for summer 2019.

So what makes Dab so different from other cosmetic companies?

Dab Herb Makeup and Skincare is a company that takes the phrase, “nature to nurture” to heart with everything we do. We only use food grade and organic ingredients in our makeup and skincare line. No harsh synthetic chemicals with complicated names, just sustainably sourced herbs, flowers, butters and essential oils. Our organic and vegan cosmetics, ranging from our Organic Petal Concealer to our Organic Root Lip Tint, all are infused with anti-inflammatory, reparative herbs that promote one’s natural beauty.

Since we share the bounties of mother nature, we are thoroughly considerate about our own footprint on this earth. For this reason we are a fair-trade certified company, and we specialize in zero-waste packaging. We also have a close relationship with our farmers ensuring that all of our ingredients are sustainably sourced. Placing so much effort on how we make and ship our line isn’t an easy task, but because of this attention to detail our customers can receive the benefits of all natural herb makeup and have peace of mind when buying and using our products.

What exactly is in Dab’s makeup?

We take a gentler approach than most skincare companies by guaranteeing all of our ingredients are food-grade, all-natural, plant based and 90 percent USDA organically certified. Plants in our foundation and lip balm include ingredients like lavender, calendula and ayurvedic herbs. We simply use the best of what mother nature provides for us. 

Our formulation is why we differ so much from other companies. Most cosmetic companies add synthetics like stabilizers and adhesives to extend shelf life, but after prolonged use those harsh chemicals may damage our skin or our skin’s natural process of healing itself.  Another issue is mineral based makeup. The mineral powders used cause a lack of breathability to one’s skin, so for someone with sensitive skin or acne, finding a brand that doesn’t include these ingredients can be a challenge but is imperative. 

We offer our customers peace of mind by never using any harsh ingredients and instead striving always for the best of what is available in the organic and natural realm. 

How Successful has all natural makeup been?

Beyond the high esteemed reviews we’ve received from different beauty bloggers, we’ve gained tens of thousands of repeat customers. I think our thousands of five star ratings speak for themselves. 

What’s your favorite Dab makeup to use?

Crissy:  My favorite is the clear mascara stick. Because I’m in the laboratory so much I want a minimalist look. Our mascara is gentle but bold and is perfect for that minimalist appearance.

Faye:  I’m in love with our lip tint. Consisting of plant pigments and essential oils from grapefruit, spearmint and peppermint, it assists in keeping my lips soft all day. 

Is there any makeup artist or influencers you’d like to see using Dab?

There are a few artists that champion and share our beliefs on makeup and skincare. Two of them being, Jessa Blades and Katey Denno. Jessa’s a natural beauty expert in New York who does amazing work, I’d love to see what she’d say about our cosmetics. And Katey is a boss. She’s had an amazing career and I think she’d love our products. 

What’s next for Dab?

There’s some exciting things at work, but I’m not able to talk about them just yet. Stay in touch with our social media and our Etsy page on all the spectacular things coming up. 

DAB HERB MAKEUP can be purchased at We are in love with the brand that heals the skin and the earth, while providing full lasting coverage to makeup lovers everywhere. 

— Published on June 13, 2019

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