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Scott Howard

Scott Howard speaks The Language of Clouds in 432 Hz

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Scott Howard’s latest album The Language of Clouds released in May, 2020 to a crowd of loyal fans who have followed his journey since releasing his first album Ascended Man in 2018.  The new album, featuring songs like the 'Queen of Hearts' maintains the rock-and-roll at 432 Hz vibe that he is known and loved for and continues to fulfill his lifelong mission. 

His music, played at 432 Hz, the same frequency as the works of the formerly ascended geniuses of our world such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, is scientifically proven to heal humans at the cellular level. His sound, though, is not classical; Scott Howard channels bold melodies combined with lyrics of love, pain, hope and redemption from a man who has experienced a plethora of challenges and trimphs in his journey as an Ascended Man. His thoughtful, optimistic lyricism runs through all of his work while his voice radiates a sense of hard-fought joy, one that requires an intense exploration of faith. The arrangements further punctuate the importance of his words. Country, rock, folk, with a hint of the sublime and a NEW Genre of Music from Source in 432Hz is what Scott Howard is best known for.

With two radio campaigns completed in 2019 for singles from his first album 'Awaken' and 'Come with Me,' Scott Howard’s much anticipated album The Language of Clouds is an entirely new and all encompassing art piece complete with a vinyl record and coffee table book that will enliven the full five senses of his fans. Some reviewers who have had the chance to pre-listen to songs from the upcoming album have described it with soaring accolades.  “This new single “Written in the Clouds,” says Planet Singer,  "from the upcoming album The Language of Clouds, is a true piece of art. The track starts with a beautiful introduction that frames perfectly the warm and colorful voice of Scott that thanks to his outstanding performance behind the microphone guides us in this journey. The chorus, like the whole song, carries a very important message for everyone to listen 'wake up, and find your way.” Scott Howard crafts music that has a timeless, classic spirit of a man with a mission to help a world so in need of hope… Scott Howard's music in 432 Hz is here.


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