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Fuller French

The Most Interesting Man in the World

With 2 TOP 40 singles!

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Some say chivalry is dead, but they haven’t met Fuller French. This Texas born and bred singer, songwriter and pianist is known for swooning audiences with romantic lyrics and his debonair demeanor. Mused by the quick witted banter ensuing one’s innate search for love and beauty, his music conjures memories of a lost love or a golden afternoon sprinkled with languorous decadence.


French’s music, however, isn’t cloying love songs; he’s respectively gained interest from famous musicians such as Carole King, Laurindo Almeida and Burt Bacharach. French credits his ever growing fanbase for his thoughtful regard to the way men and women feel when infatuation or true love sparks. As he implies, it’s the aura of possibility that permeates through a new relationship, the flirtatious tango that lovers sway to all night long, and in his own words, “that feeling that no one is truly alive but us.”

French began playing piano at an early age in a traditional pursuit of the arts encouraged by his worldly parents. By high school he was writing his own music and lyrics with an intent to one day share the best of his talents with the girl of his dreams and the world at large. The virtues that are essential to his art: intelligent understanding of lyrics, a deep empathy with his audience and his perfect taste in melodic material are prevalent in every charismatic moment. With music in his heart and mind, his initial performances .covered the icons of rock and roll like Elton John at house parties for his many interesting friends. Now, French plays his own music and records at the world famous Capitol Records in Los Angeles.

Fuller French carries the air of Sinatra-esque glamour and confidence that sparkles through his coy glances and elegant piano play. His lyrics drip with the essence of love in a poetic glimpse into that which we all long for. His cool and collected swagger, a byproduct of a life of diverse pursuits within and outside of the music industry adds to the je ne sais quoi that leaves listeners hanging on for more. Beyond his beginnings in the United States, French’s music is also played from Singapore, Brazil, France, Russia, Spain and even in the Canary Islands. His latest single “Champagne Rendezvous” debuted May 17th and climbed to number 29 on the Mediabase AC chart., While his full album release May 31st; the second single, 'Leave a Key By the Door' hits airwaves on September 16th. it’s only a matter of time until the whole world is adoring their significant other to the radiant and unforgettable sound of French’s music. In today’s heavily automated world, Fuller French is the mysterious, cultured and far beyond talented risk taker breaking the genre barriers while giving us all the feeling that he may be the most interesting man in the world.


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