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ISET Releases New Article on Tropical Waves Water sports TCI

Turks and Caicos Entrepreneur Jamesly Joseph’s Tropical Waves is the Number One Adventure Tourism Business on the Island

Turks and Caicos, a British overseas territory found in the northern Caribbean Sea, is the premier destination for the jet-set crowd looking to escape from tumultuous times in the United States. Only a short one and a half hour flight from Miami International, the main island of Providenciales is the favorite vacation spot for celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Britney Spears who are known to frequent the island. Musicians like Drake, who is currently building a compound in the same neighborhood as the infamous Enzo Ferrari Emerald Cay Estate, often arrive with entourages of five to ten other well known public figures to bask in the untouched natural beauty of the island and welcoming smiles of the locals.

In the same area as many of these illustrious estates, one can find the pristine white sand beach of Sapodilla Bay, with crystal clear turquoise waters and often – complete privacy. It is from this location that local entrepreneur, Jamesly Joseph, operates Tropical Waves TCI, the number one jet ski, and boat charter rental business on the island, from where the global elite are known to take off on guided tours to the island’s many attractions. Jamesly Joseph (31) has curated trips unlike any other charter company with treasure hunts in pirate caves for family outings, and romantic sunset tours featuring occasional appearances from Jojo the Dolphin – always with a meal prepared by his five-star chef of the freshest daily catch and tropical drinks to soothe the soul and mind.

Mr. Joseph, also the owner of the beloved sports bar on Chalk Sound called Chalkies, has built a history of creating businesses that are well-loved by tourists. “There is certainly competition,” says Jamesly, “but the number one difference is that we take pride in building a business that goes above and beyond servicing our clients, while also building for the future. Our jet skis and boats are the safest on the island – serviced constantly for ultimate performance. We take pride in our customers knowing that we have their 360 degree benefits in mind – we are going to make sure you’re having a great time, you’re completely safe, you’ve had a great meal, and a cocktail to celebrate the day.”

While Covid-19 saw the closing of the island until July 22 of 2020, the island is now fully operational for tourism and has effectively eradicated Covid by implementing early shutdowns that saw cases drop from numbers in the hundreds to now less than 10 active cases. “Chalkies will open back up in early December,” says Mr. Joseph, and upon their opening you will find the same casual-style fine fare and live music that the restaurant is beloved for on the island. With billiards, wide-screen televisions inside to view games, outside patios with live bands, and the waterfront terrace overlooking the island’s protected-water National Park, Chalkies is the premiere sports-bar. Additionally, Mr. Joseph employs his own group of local fisherman to bring the best and freshest catch from the local waters. “We do everything to the highest level of service for our guests,” says Mr. Joseph, “The worst kind of business you could have is one that is mediocre.”

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer a great array of adrenaline-pumping activities to enjoy on holiday, as well as a range of glorious beaches perfect for a relaxing vacation. For those seeking the ultimate on-land thrill, Real Adventures, another asset of Mr. Joseph – provides ATV tours ranging from a few hours to an all day trip. The influence of Jamesly Joseph shouldn’t be understated, with his tourism businesses supporting local people and ensuring visitors to the islands have the finest adventure tourism activities to participate in. You can find out more about Tropical Waves TCI at their website, and bookings can be made before or during your Turks and Caicos Islands holiday by calling 649 332 5707.

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